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Hi All,

Quick intro :) I am a software developer working for Microsoft Azure Team. I joined the organization couple of weeks ago. So here I am enjoying my “Me time”, writing interview experience of some of the offers I bagged in the job search phase. Please make sure to follow me on Medium & connect on LinkedIn : ( Please feel free to reach out for Job-referrals, openings, or resume reviews.

About Verizon: As one of the world’s leading providers of technology, communications, information, and entertainment products, Verizon is transforming the way people, businesses, and things connect. It has an avg rating of 3.9 stars on Glassdoor, where 76% of reviewers recommend the company to a friend. Some of the Pros of working in Verizon (as per my R&D)are these :

~Quality of work ~benefits + salary ~work life balance ~leaves policy ~flexible working hours

Interview Process

  1. LinkedIn profile shortlists: As in my other posts, I always stress about having a competitive yet meaningful LinkedIn profile because it helps recruiters to find potential candidates. I was reached out by a tech recruiter on LinkedIn, for the job role: Java developer. The expected tech skills were: J2EE, Scala, SpringBoot, and Microservices. After discussing my tech skills, notice period, and salary expectations, we proceeded with a couple of interviews. The recruiter was extremely composed, he made sure to provide the timeslots according to my preference.
  2. Technical Interview 1: Tech interview started with a formal introduction, my work experience discussion, and the challenges I faced while moving from SSO Integrations to Java dev. After that, a series of Java8 questions were asked. Some of the questions were: junit5 vs Mockito framework, what is the default method and when do we use it, Stream API, What are the Spring Boot starters and what are available the starters, understanding of spring data REST. These questions were followed by 2 easy-medium leetcode problems. I was also asked The round ended with a discussion on project management scrum + agile framework. After a day I got positive feedback for the tech round and my hiring manager round was scheduled the next day.

3. Hiring Manager Round: The interviewer was the Project manager of the team they were hiring for. He explained to me the role, answered my queries, and started with several behavioral questions. I would recommend you go through this website to cover such questions for PBCs:

I was also asked about the logical puzzle — How do you measure 4L with 3L and 5L? Coming to the tech part, he asked me to explain any SOA, I went ahead with event bus and messaging broker services further. Tips: keep interacting with the manager about the role, expectations, and career track in the project.

Finally, after two days, HR confirmed the selection. I have always had a very positive impact on Verizon both for its culture and tech. One should not miss the opportunity if all the expectations are matched.

Hope this interview experience series works the best for aspiring developers :)

Thank you!



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