Oracle India Interview Experience : Cloud Analyst(Selected)


The recruiter connected with me based on my profile. The profile was for Cloud Analyst at Oracle India. I strongly recommend having an updated profile on both & LinkedIn if looking actively for a job change

We had a telephonic discussion where she was kind enough to answer all my queries related to the profile. Further, she shared the JD and we proceeded with the application


The interview was scheduled via zoom call. After my introduction and understanding of my existing developer profile, the interviewer questioned me on some technical challenges I faced and resolved previously. Then I was asked two questions on DSA & ALGO(only the brute force & optimal approach)


Since my work expertise was on Java, I was asked some of the frequently visited java queries :

  1. Usage of StringBuilder vs StringBuffer
  2. Features of Java8: Lambda functions, functional interface
  3. The background behind the usage of Annotations
  4. Comparator vs Comparable
  5. A sample program on multi-threading concepts & synchronize functions
  6. Spring Container & annotations.


It was scheduled on the same day as tech interview 1. The interviewers were from the leadership team and were sound in Cloud-Based Architecture. After my detailed introduction & work experience discussion, we jumped on Cloud concepts. I was asked to provide AWS Cloud solutions for 2–3 case studies (AWS was my preferred cloud knowledge domain). Apart from AWS, questions were also from oracle cloud-native services. Also, they asked me questions on my tech skills mentioned and each project I worked on. Another interviewer questioned me on the geeks for geeks articles I wrote. From the tech point of view, you can expect questions on React/Java/Cloud/System Design

Managerial part: Panel described to me the role & common challenges faced. They were keen to understand if I was willing to move from AWS cloud to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and how will I re-skill myself. We had a similar discussion for the next 10–15 mins.


After the interviews, the result was communicated to me through email. I had a clear discussion about my preferences, expected salary & notice period. After two weeks I received the final offer letter.

Hope this helps you to prepare for upcoming interviews.

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Shiwani Sinha 🍁


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