AWS OpsWorks vs AWS Beanstalk vs AWS CloudFormation

Overview :
AWS lists out a wide range of services when it comes to supporting DevOps. Be it in terms of Integration, Delivery, Strategies, Infrastructure as a Code. OpsWorks falls under Config management service, CloudFormation helps to maintain Infrastructure as a code and AWS Beanstalk offers easy web deployment. Let’s understand each one of them.

AWS OpsWorks :

  • The service is an alternative to AWS SSM.
  • It provides AWS managed suite of Chef and Puppet.
  • Helps to manage application configuration and operate features like compliance management.
  • Chef — automates the task of configuration, deployment, and management of several servers.
  • Puppet — It is yet another powerful tool for automation and application management across various servers.
  • OpsWorks further offers three managed services, OpsWorks for Chef Automate, OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise, and OpsWorks for Stacks.

AWS Beanstalk :

  • This is a Platform as a Service focused to provide developers with web deployment solutions.
  • It is more of a developer-centric service.
  • Developer can focus on the application, AWS Beanstalk takes care of higher-level resources like EC2 servers, Auto Scaling groups, RDS database, Docker with AWS ECS.
  • It requires minimum configuration and is one of the easiest ways to scale dynamic websites.

AWS Cloud Formation :

  • AWS CloudFormation is a great service for an enterprise to attain operational excellence, which is one of the five pillars of AWS Well Architecture Framework.
  • It is a low-level service that helps in modeling, version controlling of different AWS resources
  • It’s a template-based service and hence focuses on maintains infrastructure as a code
  • The template configured supports the modeling of resources, and the same resources can be easily deployed repeatedly across servers.
  • AWS CLOUDFORMATION supports AWS BEANSTALK resources and AWS OPSWORKS stack as well.



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